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While this would be an expensive alternative to trying to buy these across ebay, scattered through yard sales, along with years scurrying through basement estate sales and various flee markets looking for the ever elusive Rocket Firing Boba Fett, it would be an incredible feeling to actually have all these figures in bubble on the original cards.

I actually purchased a Rare Phantom Menace toy that had the @ sign printed on the back where the TM was supposed to go. I sold it on ebay in 97 for 75.00, but who knows, would it be worth more now?

Does anybody out there actually have all the Star Wars toys????

Enter this code ENACHOR5 when you check out for a 5.00 coupon off any order at Brian’s Toys for 50.00 or more. They have everything, Transformers, He-Man, Gi-Joe. You name it’s there, retro and new. They also have new unopened NES and Atari games and systems. Your welcome, just remember who loves you OK?

You can buy them all here!

You can buy them all here!

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