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fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

[cincopa 6s 10474177] I Love the car SFX’s!

pic04827Ouch, At least it’s a really Good Photo!

2 points on this video, 1- Look how close she is to the edge of the “platform”, DUMB setup by the Grape Group. 2- If she didn’t start to horseplay near the end she wouldn’t have fallen!

This is so great! In a horrible way! Good for him…


Awesome Short Film by Written and Directed by my cousin Vinny, and produced by my Dad.

Classic Video from the 80’s..

Hey, I liked my toys as much the next kid while growing up but this is a little much…What is this kid up to these days. Maybe a home inspector?

Kid Stuck in Vending

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