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Um, isn’t that girl….What’s her name??? I saw this movie in the theatre…

Hey who’s the real dummy here anyway?

Whoa, I didn’t expect this to be so funny, but this guy is Awesome!

Oil is?

Amazing Solo starts an incredible jam session featuring Eddie Van Halen!

Ok so maybe Henry seams a little mean in this clip, but I like the attitude personally. I mean, look at this kids Purple Comb-over! I recently saw Henry for the third time here in Portland doing his stand up/storytelling. He sure looks super young in this video. Every time I see him a feel sore from laughing after his shows, seriously entertaining. Check him out if you haven’t seen him live.

Here is a old Black Flag Video Slip It In…

The Punk Group is calling it quits, at least in Portland. But before they threw in the towel they released one final album. With a running time of just over 16 minutes this album is jam packed with instant classics that are sure to make you miss those crazy bastards. I am particularly fond of “Why Don’t You Just Shut The Fuck Up” as well as the Devo Cover of “Patterns”. They asked me to post this new album “Pink Foam” online and available here for download. Below you will find all 9 tracks from this release in 192kbps MP3. Enjoy the Pink Foam, and to the Punk Group; Thanks for the laughs and great tunes guys, Portland will miss you dearly.

01-The Punk Group _ Roy Assburn

02-The Punk Group _ Busted

03-The Punk Group _ Why dont you shut the fuck up

04-The Punk Group _ All my friends are food

05-The Punk Group _ Patterns

06-The Punk Group _ Folgers

07-The Punk Group _ Two Ghosts

08-The Punk Group _ The Taco Fairy Is Real

09-The Punk Group _ Gimme Head

A video accompaniment for NIN’s track Ghosts 12. Deep sea footage of Vampyroteuthis infernalis (“Vampire Squid from Hell”).

The Real Video from Planet Earth, narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

The amazing Mr. Liotta has done it again, going to lengths that only his nemesis will ever know, and not even she can understand the results.

I used do breakdance to this when I was 3. Forever remembered as the Beverly Hills Cop theme, but is actually quite a 80’s gem of a song. This album isn’t that bad either.

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