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I just can’t seem to figure out why I like this video so much…It must have something to do with the lighting. And the beat, it has a really good beat. Yep.

Ok..I am pretty sure that this video is comparing having sex in a elevator to sitting in a chair backwards?

What a great movie, not sure what system this game is on, but I would totally play it! I just love the idea of a classic car trying to seduce me!

Nothing like a animated reenactment of the night in question..

If you missed the Tiger Woods scandel version, here it is again..

This train was stuck for 2 days, and has over 12,000 hp! Check it out as it loses momentum and can’t plow the giant snow hill!

If you haven’t heard of the IT Crowd you owe to yourself to check it out. Netflix it or whatever it is that you do to watch interesting stuff.

These are freakin awesome! I love the little shrimp that shoots out a cloud of glowing crap!

Man what is Mickey and the Gang gonna do without Pluto! Cold, Ice Cold.

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