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You know when you hear about those people who have tons of animals living with them? They always show the house after the animals have been removed right? Well here is a video and interview of a Cat Lady that has 130 cats in Russia. In her defense these cats look pretty healthy and the house does look pretty clean. I really like the custom cat chairs.

OK RUN! Don’t ask just run you Idiot! OMG NOT THAT WAY! Are you always this desperate for attention that you always think people follow you everywhere? How naive,┬áNOW DUCK!

This can’t be good. Whatever it was went in a million pieces. Fascinating.

Whoa, I dont think I am allowed to watch this.

Holy Crap look at this Crappy Preview! Just kidding I think it’s better than most of the new crap that’s out now. Oh Crap! Listen to the music…What is that some kinda crap stock music? Certainly it’s not John Williams. What the Crapola, watching this makes me want to eat a Wookie Crap Sandwich and watch ROTJ.

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