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Archive for December, 2010

Over five years in the making and it’s finally complete. The LONG anticipated sophomore release of MLIOTTA is now out and shipping.


A detailed look at the life of an HR Departments Nightmare. Focusing on a more powerful sound that encompasses a broad range of subjects including corporate structure, 70’s muscle cars, bible school, and a True to the Music version of The Beatles’ “Michelle” titled “M for Michelle”.

1 Scared Of The Music
2 Stairstepper To Heaven
3 Wanted Man
4 Double Dating Again
5 TV Slaughterhouse
6 The Bible School Fantasy
7 Judy
8 M For Michelle
9 Obsession Machine
10 If Licks Could Kill
11 Bad Ass Pontiac
12 Ships Are Not Fantastic
13 Transmission From Nightmare (Scared Remix by Garageband the Band)**

The MLIOTTA 2011 independent release “HR Nightmare” is available here for purchase by either the Full Length 12″ Vinyl Album* Shipped to your door, OR the Full MP3 Album that you can download now. Both are mastered and edited differently so make sure you listen to both!

* Vinyl Album (INCLUDES Download Code for the full MP3 Album)
** Track 13 is only available with MP3 Download and is not on the Record

Does this actor have a black eye?