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HAPPY NEW YEAR From MLIOTTA, Soon this site will feature new added content including but not limited to: Music, Video Game and Movie Reviews, A Photo Gallery, A Music Store Featuring some recommended global bands and performance artists, as well as Video’s and more Topic’s than you can deal with at one time without feeling completely left out!

Don’t forget to check out the MLIOTTA Merch store, featuring the Tie Of Doom and Shoe of Danger. These products will also be offered in future give aways, so stay tuned for your chance to score some merch for free!

Also the HRNM Album is in the final stages of release and will be available online with more music from MLIOTTA and other artists available as well!

2010 will blow your minds, similar to a great and glorious MLIOTTA lakeside retreat!


One of the best guys I ever met was killed Wednesday in N. Portland. Kipp Crawford was an amazing guy, He was always so cool, calm and caring. He could drum like no other, and he was super modest about it. I am so glad to have known you Kipp and wish you weren’t taken from us. I hope they find out who attacked him and lock them away.

I was lucky enough to have jammed with him back in Ashland, and really could never quite keep up with his amazing style. What was so great is he could scale it back and draw from whoever he was playing with to match their level regardless of experience. He could then increase it so ever so slightly and with enough taste to bring the best out of every musician he played with.

He also was responsible for helping a band I was in (Love Meter, get our first gig at the open mic night at the Goodfoot.

Only two weeks ago he texted me to come out to a show, and I am sorry I missed it and the opportunity to see him one last time.

Here is a partial list of music projects he was involved in… 

And the 5th Business.

My best wishes to his family…You will be so missed Kipp.

Celilo at Ken Tomita’s Woodshop from The Penny Jam on Vimeo.

Well, i am sure you are w0ndering (3d1t) when the hell this HR Nightmare will finally be released! Well to catch you up, I have been remixing the tracks to prepare them to be mastered. So far I have spent about 35 to 40 hours remixing over the last couple weeks. Now you might ask why Mliotta? Why are you remixing so freaking much? Because I want this release to blow up your stereo when you listen to it. The good news is that I am happy with the mix as it sits now, and so now I will be sending it off to get mastered. I will be getting them mastered at Lee Stoker Studios and must say I am very impressed with his setup and professionalism.  Currently the album artwork is being worked on by a close friend of mine Sean Hemak and creative collaboration from Ian Backer (12 inch finger banger).  The release will be a 12inch vinyl album with a digital download card that will have bonus tracks, including a remix by Garageband the Band. This album will be 20.00 and all the proceeds will go to me and the starving children!

Thanks for all your patience,  & when this is done you will remember back to all this time waiting and wondering (3d1t)was it worth it? You will then answer yourself, Yes very much. Very much Indeed.


sleepy head

Yes. They are.

I had a few issues with this weekend, but it is back now and better than ever! So look out for the rest of the week loyal followers!

I am very happy to announce that after 3 years of tirelessly working on the “HR Nightmare” the music is finally complete.  It’s 12 songs deep and will likely keep you holding on for dear life! I am now working with artists and media houses to get it pressed and ready to go.  Stay tuned for more updates!

When Brian of the Punk Group asked me if I wanted to cover a song of theirs for the upcoming tribute album Shower Time! I was ecstatic and honored to say the least. I immediately began work on a cover of The Punk Groups’ song titled Bad Ass Chevrolet. As an old school muscle car fanatic myself I changed the song slightly to incorporate my own car which is a 1972 Pontiac Ventura II, thus Bad Ass Pontiac was born. My version features actual samples of their song, tasteful porno samples (can porn be tasteful?) and real live samples of my furious 400hp Pontiac. 

To listen to some songs off the album or for more information about The Punk Group and their Shenanigans check out…

This MLIOTTA Blog is now viewable on the Wii, Apple Iphone, PSP and DSLite!

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