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Archive for the ‘Funny Videos’ Category

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Whoa, I didn’t expect this to be so funny, but this guy is Awesome!

Oil is?

Amazing Solo starts an incredible jam session featuring Eddie Van Halen!

I love this soundtrack, DANNY ELFMAN scored Pee Wee perfectly in my opinion.

Yes…Yes that is correct Sir. Nothing like watching Tootsie or Perfect Strangers on the IPhone.

Ignored???? I translation love it for you..Aren’t you dangerous pleased?

I have actually seen this guy at Horse Brass, and been to the shop a few times. This place is underrated and deserves a visit if you need some audio crap.

He should smoke………….some drugs?

There is not enough drugs for me to smoke that would make this seem like a good idea. ITS 10 MINUTES LONG.

I can hear the pitch meeting for this idea now:
“It worked for the Chicago Bears!”

Ok huh? I uh, well you’ll see.

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