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Watch the end of this video, nothing like a giant swarm of insects seething with an intent to destroy whatever lays in their path….

Anybody ever play Dune on Sega Genesis? It also was on PC, and was one of the first Real Time Strategy games as far as I know. Even before Command & Conquer. BUT many argue that Herzog Zwei on Genesis is the grandaddy of all RTS’s….I was fortunate to have owned this game back in the day, but now play it on the Wii VC.

WHY DONT THEY MAKE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ANYMORE? I have to smoke tons of drugs just to tolerate the ones nowadays.

My Hats on Fire! What are you blind?

My favorite track off of the ultimately disappointing Sun That Never Sets DVD. I still would smoke drugs to it any day.


This is insane, I cant imagine having this happen. Watch closely and all the way through, Truly Terrifying.. I hear that manhole covers in NY occasionally explode from the Methane and Electrical malfunctions. Apparently averaging around a few hundred times per year and up to 50 feet high.

Minnesota storm sewer overflows during heavy rain and launches giant manhole cover onto freeway where a pickup truck hits it.

Not a bad freestyle at all and funny too.

Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter on Showtime voices a new Dodge commercial that premiered on Super Bowl 44.

Side note…..I have a 2008 Dodge Dakota that has broken down 7 times and been in the shop 20 days in under a year, so Dodge Buyers Beware. However considering Toyota and all their problems maybe the ol’ dodge aint so bad.

 Also I do watch vampire Tv shows….

This is a very cool video of a new Squid found in 2001. The spacy music track is pretty cool too.

Yeah Bitches!!

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