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I first heard this band when I had a radio show at Southern Oregon University’s radio station. They had their debut album “Mono” (Buddyhead Records, I thought it was pretty cool at the time. A few months later I went to see Queens of the Stone Age in support of their Songs for the Deaf album (meaning Nick Oliveri was still their bass player, which was when they were best), and The Icarus Line were there as an unannounced opener (along with Dillinger Escape Plan, we also met EVERYONE from Mr. Show at the show as well. Needless to say that show was pretty epic all away around). The Icarus Line were fantastic even though their sound was all fucked up. Been a fan ever since. I will always recommend their second album “Penance Soiree”. The CD and Vinyl versions of the album are different from one another! A few years later, I would be at another show in Portland, Oregon, this time seeing Big Business/Red Sparowes/Pelican and we would run into these LA dudes just hangin out in the crowd! Turns out the drummer of this band lives in Portland and is also in a pretty bitchin band called Black Elk.

This is a video for one of my favorite Icarus Line songs, “Slayer”. The video is weak as fuck and it appears the director of it is a hack, but the song is great.

This is the video for the opening song off of my favorite Icarus Line album and one of my favorite albums of all time, “Penance Soiree”

SMOKESOMEDRUGS and get into these dudes!

Ok huh? I uh, well you’ll see.

This guy gets me everytime I see this. It’s still real to me too lil’ buddy.

The UK Version of Kitchen Nightmares is much better than its US counterpart. Gordon lets the viewer in on actual business and cooking tips that are truly valuable for any Restaurant Owner or Aspiring Chef. Plus there is tons of swearing and you know he has that department covered as well! Another highlight is seeing some of these failing establishments and the general locales, and in many cases suprisingly charming.

Also I noticed Season 4 has music by DJ Shadow, Massive Attack and other Ninja Tune tracks as well.


Why arn’t there more songs about trains? What about Blueberries? Yummm


I am glad I got rid of my Prius when I did. I always thought it was a little gutless, but actually it was the jerky and sometimes dangerous transition from the Electric to the Gas Engine when you wanted to accelerate and cross a busy road that had me concerned. That was in early 09 and the car was an 08 model without traction control, so maybe that was part of it.

Anyway here’s the Recalled Lawn Mower..

I love insects, and strange scorpions are always intriguing.

This whale has killed 3 people at three different Sea Worlds in less than 20 years. Sometimes wild things should stay wild, or maybe just not meant to be tamed. I also suppose that is why they call them “Killer Whales”, but this one in particular may have some pent up aggression and childhood issues. Why was this whale allowed to continue performing after the first death??? ALSO if you rearrange the name Tilikum, you will get (Ti Kil Um). Say it five times fast and you’ll see why this was a fitting name for this savage beast. These animals should not be in captivity in my opinion.

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