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If I had a quarter for every fight I’ve seen in arcades, I would be still be there…It’s bad enough that he’s interrupting a Hang-On gaming session! This is some serious nerd rage and you should probably not mess with Patrick Dempsey anyway.

What a great movie, not sure what system this game is on, but I would totally play it! I just love the idea of a classic car trying to seduce me!

One of the best Sega CD Games ever made. I know, there was like 5. But this one was freakin terrific on too many levels. Just check out the intro!!

Yeah I really do love this game. I am not this good though…

He should smoke………….some drugs?

Watch the end of this video, nothing like a giant swarm of insects seething with an intent to destroy whatever lays in their path….

Anybody ever play Dune on Sega Genesis? It also was on PC, and was one of the first Real Time Strategy games as far as I know. Even before Command & Conquer. BUT many argue that Herzog Zwei on Genesis is the grandaddy of all RTS’s….I was fortunate to have owned this game back in the day, but now play it on the Wii VC.

This is one of the best games ever made. I played this game more than any other when I had my Sega Genesis. I actually still have the original cartridge and play it once in awhile with my Sega Nomad.

100 levels, And extremely difficult. I really liked the music as well….

If you never played the game you missed out on one of the best FPS’s ever made. But there were some odd quirks. These videos emphasize on those oddities. BTW The music of this game was also classic…