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Archive for the ‘Wild Videos’ Category

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Watch these videos if you want to get a perspective on how large the universe really is. Then throw a rock at your neighbors car and see if that makes any sense. When I was 10 I threw a water balloon on a Corvette parked in a driveway about 8 blocks away from my house. As soon as the balloon hit the windshield the man came out of the house screaming. I have no idea how he reacted so quickly, it was as if he was just standing by the screen door admiring his car when it happened. Standing near the end of the driveway I did the fastest 180 in my life and tripped over a rock, falling and cutting my knee open (still have the scar btw). It was a catastrophic failure on my part. But believe it or not, I actually was able to get home without being caught. By relying on my many previously planned escaped routes that included alleyways and some fence hopping I was playing Double Dragon and drinking orange soda within 20 minutes.  The adrenaline really made the pain disappear until I got home, but the fence hopping was more like fence falling along the way there.  The Moral?….Always wear kneepads when throwing stuff at things that could break and also cause injury to yourself by way of other persons or objects especially in the knee area.

And one more from Cosmic Journeys…You might actually learn something from this one, so grab your pencil.

This lady is a nut-job. She now has her own daytime “Court” TV show called Swift Justice. It sucks and so does this self righteous power chick.  What’s happening to her eyes!!!

“You were afraid I assume”.  What a bad interviewer and a bad person as well.


You know when you hear about those people who have tons of animals living with them? They always show the house after the animals have been removed right? Well here is a video and interview of a Cat Lady that has 130 cats in Russia. In her defense these cats look pretty healthy and the house does look pretty clean. I really like the custom cat chairs.

This fight scene was filmed in one shot and took three days to complete successfully. There was only a slight bit of CGI with the knife and that’s about it. This movie was an awesome experience and I highly recommend watching it. Also worth watching is Thirst from the same director.

You really shouldn’t watch this if you are at all claustrophobic. It kind of reminds me of Requiem For a Dream with the music.


This train was stuck for 2 days, and has over 12,000 hp! Check it out as it loses momentum and can’t plow the giant snow hill!

What do you get when you mix a mini kangaroo and a mouse with big ears? You get this little fella.

A video accompaniment for NIN’s track Ghosts 12. Deep sea footage of Vampyroteuthis infernalis (“Vampire Squid from Hell”).

The Real Video from Planet Earth, narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

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