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Eric Wareheim, the “Eric” from “Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!“, is putting together quite a portfolio of memorable music videos. I find that he is very talented at coming up with imagery that matches the sound, feel, and mood of a song, along with making it entertaining. The newest from him is “We Are Water” by one of my favorite newer bands, HEALTH. I really enjoyed this video when I first saw it, and it was only upon further viewings did I notice that Eric Wareheim directed it. It seems like a departure from what he usually does visually, with a far darker tone, but some dark humor thrown in. When do people like this sleep!?! So down below are my favorite videos of his. Here is his youtube channel if you would like to check out everything he has up.

“We Are Water” by HEALTH

“Dancefloor Dale”, the video for Flying Lotus’s “Parisian Goldfish”. This is one of my favorite videos of all time. Its an edited version because youtube keeps ripping it down, but you can see the whole, amazing thing at

There is so much more on his youtube channel, just check it the hell out!

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