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My Search was going to be, what black spiders live in Oregon

Here’s what Google suggested before I started typing the word spiders.

Wow thanks Google, I guess, hmm, why yes! I would like to search for What Black Bears Eat. Oh wait a minute! Look at all these other helpful suggestions!

Seems a little bizzare that What Black People and What Blackberries are the two highest searched phrases. I like the “what blackberry does Obama use” suggestion.

Arent people searching for any of this stuff below?

what black spiders live in Oregon
what black tarp is best to make a slip n’ slide
what black belt should I have by the time I am 30
what black top is best for Skateboarding on Acid
what black┬ámetal band Small Mazda –┬áSmall Dog
what black toner tastes like

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