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Well, i am sure you are w0ndering (3d1t) when the hell this HR Nightmare will finally be released! Well to catch you up, I have been remixing the tracks to prepare them to be mastered. So far I have spent about 35 to 40 hours remixing over the last couple weeks. Now you might ask why Mliotta? Why are you remixing so freaking much? Because I want this release to blow up your stereo when you listen to it. The good news is that I am happy with the mix as it sits now, and so now I will be sending it off to get mastered. I will be getting them mastered at Lee Stoker Studios and must say I am very impressed with his setup and professionalism.  Currently the album artwork is being worked on by a close friend of mine Sean Hemak and creative collaboration from Ian Backer (12 inch finger banger).  The release will be a 12inch vinyl album with a digital download card that will have bonus tracks, including a remix by Garageband the Band. This album will be 20.00 and all the proceeds will go to me and the starving children!

Thanks for all your patience,  & when this is done you will remember back to all this time waiting and wondering (3d1t)was it worth it? You will then answer yourself, Yes very much. Very much Indeed.


4 Responses to “MLIOTTA “HR Nightmare” Record Update, Portland Oregon is preparing….”

  • Jstain says:

    Hey Marcus, can’t wait although I’m not wandering anywhere just wondering.


  • MLIOTTA says:

    Thank you sir! Ya know, you really should have a comma between (anywhere and just).

    Ha! M

  • Kid IN PORTLAND says:

    Where is the fucking record? We’ve been waiting for a year!

  • MLIOTTA says:

    You can order the MP3 Album right now, or pre-order the record as well. Sorry about the delay, but you know the verbage “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!” Thanks for your patience, and I promise it will be worth it…MLIOTTA

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