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I have worked with co-workers who behave like this. Now that I think of it, maybe it was me? Either way this is a classic clip from yesteryear.

I have actually seen this guy at Horse Brass, and been to the shop a few times. This place is underrated and deserves a visit if you need some audio crap.

Eric Wareheim, the “Eric” from “Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!“, is putting together quite a portfolio of memorable music videos. I find that he is very talented at coming up with imagery that matches the sound, feel, and mood of a song, along with making it entertaining. The newest from him is “We Are Water” by one of my favorite newer bands, HEALTH. I really enjoyed this video when I first saw it, and it was only upon further viewings did I notice that Eric Wareheim directed it. It seems like a departure from what he usually does visually, with a far darker tone, but some dark humor thrown in. When do people like this sleep!?! So down below are my favorite videos of his. Here is his youtube channel if you would like to check out everything he has up.

“We Are Water” by HEALTH

“Dancefloor Dale”, the video for Flying Lotus’s “Parisian Goldfish”. This is one of my favorite videos of all time. Its an edited version because youtube keeps ripping it down, but you can see the whole, amazing thing at

There is so much more on his youtube channel, just check it the hell out!

He should smoke………….some drugs?

There is not enough drugs for me to smoke that would make this seem like a good idea. ITS 10 MINUTES LONG.

I can hear the pitch meeting for this idea now:
“It worked for the Chicago Bears!”


This mix has taken far too long to complete. 7 Months. Hence the dramatic name. But the title also is about how the mix is roughly and loosely based on the ups and downs of the search for love. This is the first volume, with an EP and a Vol.2 coming up soon. I put A LOT of work into these mixes so hopefully you enjoy.


Trials & Tribulations Vol.1: Trials
by sledgbrainerd

1. Clark Vs. The Mighty Boosh – Rattlesnake Creme
2. Air – Remember
3. John Frusciante – Song to Sing When I’m Lonely
4. Beat Happening – Jamboree
5. Yellow Magic Orchestra Vs. Sifl & Olly – Chester’s Bridge Over Troubled Pick-up Music
6. Health – Triceratops (CFCF Remix)
8. The Dutchess and The Duke – Sunrise/Sunset
9. Nervous Breakdown – I Dig Your Mind
10. The Electric Prunes – Sold to the Highest Bidder
11. The Residents – Weight-Lifting LuLu
12. The Gris Gris – Plain Vanilla
13. Jandek – Honey
14. BEAK> – Ears Have Ears
15. Faust – Meadow Meal (edit)
16. Dead Man’s Bones – Lose Your Soul
17. Gonja Sufi – She Gone
18. Boris – Tokyo Wonder Land
20. Stereolab vs. Neil Strauss – Les Yper Yper Game
21. MLIOTTA – Sign3113
22. Liars – Scissor
23. Gil Scott-Heron – Me and the Devil
24. John Carpenter & Shirley Walker – Main Theme (Escape from LA)

TRT: 1:03:50
137.3 MB


check out my personal mixtape and etc. blog SPREAD GUN, for more mixtapes. And dont forget:

If you like anything that you hear on this mix, please support the artists by BUYING their albums and/or seeing them play.


Sweet! Unbelievably clear!

I first heard this band when I had a radio show at Southern Oregon University’s radio station. They had their debut album “Mono” (Buddyhead Records, I thought it was pretty cool at the time. A few months later I went to see Queens of the Stone Age in support of their Songs for the Deaf album (meaning Nick Oliveri was still their bass player, which was when they were best), and The Icarus Line were there as an unannounced opener (along with Dillinger Escape Plan, we also met EVERYONE from Mr. Show at the show as well. Needless to say that show was pretty epic all away around). The Icarus Line were fantastic even though their sound was all fucked up. Been a fan ever since. I will always recommend their second album “Penance Soiree”. The CD and Vinyl versions of the album are different from one another! A few years later, I would be at another show in Portland, Oregon, this time seeing Big Business/Red Sparowes/Pelican and we would run into these LA dudes just hangin out in the crowd! Turns out the drummer of this band lives in Portland and is also in a pretty bitchin band called Black Elk.

This is a video for one of my favorite Icarus Line songs, “Slayer”. The video is weak as fuck and it appears the director of it is a hack, but the song is great.

This is the video for the opening song off of my favorite Icarus Line album and one of my favorite albums of all time, “Penance Soiree”

SMOKESOMEDRUGS and get into these dudes!

Ok huh? I uh, well you’ll see.

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