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I had a few issues with this weekend, but it is back now and better than ever! So look out for the rest of the week loyal followers!

I am very happy to announce that after 3 years of tirelessly working on the “HR Nightmare” the music is finally complete.  It’s 12 songs deep and will likely keep you holding on for dear life! I am now working with artists and media houses to get it pressed and ready to go.  Stay tuned for more updates!

I was at this show, got the tickets as a gift for my birthday. Great show, he is super funny.

This is one of my personal favorite shorts on fish and their apparent lack of memory. Once I was riding in a Uhaul with a 10 gallon fish tank on my lap and as it was rockin’ around I recalled this video I watched on MTV in the early 90’s. My friend Mason was riding in the Uhaul with me at the time and said “Wow, those fish are having some serious issues…They must be having Fishues!”

I love Sir Mix-A-Lot as much as the next guy but this is pretty absurd. Nice work Mr. Backer, way to look out!

I Double Dare you to watch this to the end.

I need to teach my dog Face how to do this!

When Brian of the Punk Group asked me if I wanted to cover a song of theirs for the upcoming tribute album Shower Time! I was ecstatic and honored to say the least. I immediately began work on a cover of The Punk Groups’ song titled Bad Ass Chevrolet. As an old school muscle car fanatic myself I changed the song slightly to incorporate my own car which is a 1972 Pontiac Ventura II, thus Bad Ass Pontiac was born. My version features actual samples of their song, tasteful porno samples (can porn be tasteful?) and real live samples of my furious 400hp Pontiac. 

To listen to some songs off the album or for more information about The Punk Group and their Shenanigans check out…

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