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Maybe I should look into one of these for Face..

What an IDIOT!!! A Bus Driver???

This guys reaction is priceless!

I said that’s it! I am getting a lid lifter!

I have always liked these knife shows, now check out a blooper involving a crappy sword.

This looks really painfull….

I can’t express how much I love this guy’s style. If you haven’t seen the original video you must watch it, and even if you have you should watch it again because it’s that cool. Ready for the Solo Freestyle Vid? Scroll down if you dare…

I just don’t know if it gets much better than this.

Duh! Weather changes moods. Enjoy and rock it out for a minute..

Worlds best drummer? Quite possibly.

Dont ask me to play this bassline cause I just might do it. Great song and even better with Beer and the Sun.

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