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I feel stupid saying this, but this was the first time I saw Henry Rollins. I really liked this song and the video, I remember when Beavis and Butthead featured it. I have since seen Mr Rollins twice and really enjoyed his spoken word live shows. I love the apology part of the song, SUCKER AHH HAHAHA!

Not sure if it’s the sweet voice of this gal, or the cougar in the back but I really like this video.

I worked for Ron for 6 years and can’t say enough great things about him. This is a song and video he did with his friend Steve in 1980 paying respects to Harry Truman and the massive eruption of Mt St Helens. This song was a #1 hit in the pacific nw during that time.

Did somebody say Lego’s?

This is one of my favorites tunes from way back.

I Double Dare you to watch this to the end.

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