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One of the best guys I ever met was killed Wednesday in N. Portland. Kipp Crawford was an amazing guy, He was always so cool, calm and caring. He could drum like no other, and he was super modest about it. I am so glad to have known you Kipp and wish you weren’t taken from us. I hope they find out who attacked him and lock them away.

I was lucky enough to have jammed with him back in Ashland, and really could never quite keep up with his amazing style. What was so great is he could scale it back and draw from whoever he was playing with to match their level regardless of experience. He could then increase it so ever so slightly and with enough taste to bring the best out of every musician he played with.

He also was responsible for helping a band I was in (Love Meter, get our first gig at the open mic night at the Goodfoot.

Only two weeks ago he texted me to come out to a show, and I am sorry I missed it and the opportunity to see him one last time.

Here is a partial list of music projects he was involved in…Ā 

And the 5th Business.

My best wishes to his family…You will be so missed Kipp.

Celilo at Ken Tomita’s Woodshop from The Penny Jam on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Kipp Crawford, a dear friend and musician will be missed.”

  • Jeff Crawford says:


    My name is Jeff Crawford. I am Kipp’s cousin. His parents live in Ashland and have yet come to Portland. His parents were not greatly involved with his life here. I am getting in touch with people who were close to him. If someone sends you information about a memorial or gathering, please let me know so I can inform his family. Also, I’ll send you anything I find out.




  • MLIOTTA says:

    Thanks for writing Jeff. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. I will let you know of anything I hear about. Please do keep me informed as I would like to attend any service for Kipp.

    Thanks again,

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