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So many people loved the mildly entertaining Zombieland, that they forgot about the film that truly raised the bar this year in the comedy/horror genre; Sam Raimi’s, Drag Me to Hell.   The main difference being that while this film caused me to almost fall out of my seat laughing on a number of occasions, it was actually scary as well, unlike Zombieland which was funny, but also kinda cute in a typical hollywood cheese sort of way.   Furthermore,  Drag Me To Hell’s dark ending completely reinforced the films legitimacy as a cult favorite.   Don’t worry I’m not trashing on Zombieland, because although it was inferior, it was enjoyable and who doesn’t love Woody?

2 Responses to “Oscar snubs of 2009: Drag Me To Hell”

  • sledgbrainerd says:

    Totally agree with this.

  • Brad wesley says:

    Gerard Bulter is gay

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