Have you been subjected to a lifetime of mass media
mainstream crap? This is the true to life aftermath of one man’s contribution and reaction to the dull onslaught currently enslaving the human condition.

“HR Nightmare” Vinyl Record with MP3 Digital Download Code

A detailed look at the life of an HR Departments Nightmare. Focusing
on a more powerful sound that encompasses a broad range of subjects including corporate structure, 70’s muscle cars, bible
school, and a True to the Music version of The Beatles’ “Michelle”
titled “M for Michelle”.

“Overlook the Ambush” CD Retail Release

Overlook the Ambush was recorded between Feb 05
and Feb 06 in SE Portland, in a moldy basement and condemned warehouse. Featuring advanced time-shifting and light-emitting
tunes such as Bad Data, Sign3113, and Greasin, The listener will
be put through it all with no room for error. MLIOTTA is not of the ordinary and neither is this release. Play this one for your parents!