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#5 Columbus, Ohio
This Website is fantastic..

#4 Fort Worth, Texas
Longest walkthrough Haunted House.

#3 Ulster Park, New York
I want to go to this one…

#2 Tokyo, Japan
Oh dear lord! I will go to this if it kills me!

#1 Turner, Oregon
The undisputed winner!!!


Well, i am sure you are w0ndering (3d1t) when the hell this HR Nightmare will finally be released! Well to catch you up, I have been remixing the tracks to prepare them to be mastered. So far I have spent about 35 to 40 hours remixing over the last couple weeks. Now you might ask why Mliotta? Why are you remixing so freaking much? Because I care, that’s why. I want this release to blow up your stereo when you listen to it. And hopefully turn you into a lifelong listener, almost addicted but lets go with hooked. The good news is that I am happy with the mix as it sits now, and so now I will be sending it off to get mastered. I will be getting them mastered at Lee Stoker Studios and must say I am very impressed with his setup and professionalism.  Currently the album artwork is being worked on by a close friend of mine Sean Hemak and creative collaboration from Ian Backer (12 inch finger banger).  The release will be a 12inch vinyl album with a digital download card that will have bonus tracks, including a remix by Garageband the Band. This album will be 10.00 and all the proceeds will go to me and the starving children!

Thanks for all your patience,  & when this is done you will remember back to all this time waiting and wondering (3d1t)was it worth it? You will then answer yourself, Yes very much. Very much Indeed.


Check out these cool photos, just in time for Halloween!


Sleep Paralysis 1/5 Ghost Visions

Hi, as an introduction to myself, here is a video of me that has found its way onto the net:

Yup, Im famous.

This guy is a freakin wannabe Vigilante!
“Police records show Fournier was excluded from Laurelhurst Park in February after using a stun gun on a juvenile in the park.”

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