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Worlds best drummer? Quite possibly.

Dont ask me to play this bassline cause I just might do it. Great song and even better with Beer and the Sun.

Listen to the sound it makes! This is like a cross between Gizmo and a Pokemon!

You there, What Say You? Ey..Never underestimate the power of cuteness. And cheese.

Where else can you find a young Mr. T and a even younger Hulk Hogan? Throw in Carl Weathers and Sylvester Stallone and you’ve got yourself one amazing movie!

No! Don’t sell out Rocky!

Watch this TV show and your life will never be the same. Just watch how the Cat enters the scene and you will understand how great this show is…It was a short 6 episode miniseries about a Supernatural presence in a hospital.

This jackass reminds me of that one Jackal song with the chainsaw. Pretty stupid, maybe I will incorporate a can opener into my next song.

What a bad time lose your composure.

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