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Archive for February, 2010

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I love insects, and strange scorpions are always intriguing.

This whale has killed 3 people at three different Sea Worlds in less than 20 years. Sometimes wild things should stay wild, or maybe just not meant to be tamed. I also suppose that is why they call them “Killer Whales”, but this one in particular may have some pent up aggression and childhood issues. Why was this whale allowed to continue performing after the first death??? ALSO if you rearrange the name Tilikum, you will get (Ti Kil Um). Say it five times fast and you’ll see why this was a fitting name for this savage beast. These animals should not be in captivity in my opinion.

Watch the end of this video, nothing like a giant swarm of insects seething with an intent to destroy whatever lays in their path….

Anybody ever play Dune on Sega Genesis? It also was on PC, and was one of the first Real Time Strategy games as far as I know. Even before Command & Conquer. BUT many argue that Herzog Zwei on Genesis is the grandaddy of all RTS’s….I was fortunate to have owned this game back in the day, but now play it on the Wii VC.

WHY DONT THEY MAKE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ANYMORE? I have to smoke tons of drugs just to tolerate the ones nowadays.

I LOVE Canada, please don’t get me wrong. I am thankful for SCTV, Tom Green, You Cant Do That On Television, Alan, Leonard Cohen, Alex Trebeck and James Cameron.  BUT I have to say watching this was painful. >>>> The music was awful, Sarah McLaughlin really dragged it down with a strange musical accompaniment that seems to plague the entire evening. It was like a shotgun went off with 400 different musical themes. I seriously felt like a hummingbird suffering from ADHD.

Also wasn’t the native american/canadian portion forced and extremely insulting to these people? I have been to quite a few powwows, drum circles and sweat lodges and I have heard the songs that these amazing people have cherished throughout their entire culture throughout their long history. The way that the show added the music to these sacred songs made me feel sick. It also reminded me of when I saw Cirque de Soleil in Vegas. Sure the music and performers were talented, and everyone played real instruments. But imagine my surprise when I heard the soulless sound of MIDI drums. With that kind of budget your telling me that they cant get a real drummer???? That’s what this Opening Ceremony was like. The performers are talented, and each individual might sound good on their own, but when combined eclipses into a disaster of all sorts.

Looking past the music wasn’t easy, but when I did I found a bland, horribly performed mixture of cheap high-wire stunts and lame projections of maple leaves  across sheets hanging in the middle from coat hangers. The whole production was augmented by a undertone of over-achievement. You know, that kid in school who always raised his/her hand (or prosthetic hand, thanks again Canada) for every question like a madman playing Jeopardy (Alex Trebec thanks again Canada!).

If your gonna be the second largest country,  why cant you get the production of an olympic event spot on with class and style? I really felt bad at the part of the show when their lil’ interpretive dance segment/ riverdance paid tribute to swing, salsa, punk rock, hip-hop and classical ballet all in one. Wow it was bad.

Special thanks to Donald Sutherland for at least bringing his unique style and captivating voice to the show. If it wasn’t for him, the show would’ve been a total loss. The guy next to Shaun White was just talking on his cell phone while KD Lang sang Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, almost as annoying as Bob Costas belching out his stagnant and redundant commentary over the violin solo from the actor with the ridiculous paper mache horns. I really dont like Bob Costas.  Enough Said.

My Hats on Fire! What are you blind?

My favorite track off of the ultimately disappointing Sun That Never Sets DVD. I still would smoke drugs to it any day.


This is insane, I cant imagine having this happen. Watch closely and all the way through, Truly Terrifying.. I hear that manhole covers in NY occasionally explode from the Methane and Electrical malfunctions. Apparently averaging around a few hundred times per year and up to 50 feet high.

Minnesota storm sewer overflows during heavy rain and launches giant manhole cover onto freeway where a pickup truck hits it.

Not a bad freestyle at all and funny too.

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