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I first heard this band when I had a radio show at Southern Oregon University’s radio station. They had their debut album “Mono” (Buddyhead Records, I thought it was pretty cool at the time. A few months later I went to see Queens of the Stone Age in support of their Songs for the Deaf album (meaning Nick Oliveri was still their bass player, which was when they were best), and The Icarus Line were there as an unannounced opener (along with Dillinger Escape Plan, we also met EVERYONE from Mr. Show at the show as well. Needless to say that show was pretty epic all away around). The Icarus Line were fantastic even though their sound was all fucked up. Been a fan ever since. I will always recommend their second album “Penance Soiree”. The CD and Vinyl versions of the album are different from one another! A few years later, I would be at another show in Portland, Oregon, this time seeing Big Business/Red Sparowes/Pelican and we would run into these LA dudes just hangin out in the crowd! Turns out the drummer of this band lives in Portland and is also in a pretty bitchin band called Black Elk.

This is a video for one of my favorite Icarus Line songs, “Slayer”. The video is weak as fuck and it appears the director of it is a hack, but the song is great.

This is the video for the opening song off of my favorite Icarus Line album and one of my favorite albums of all time, “Penance Soiree”

SMOKESOMEDRUGS and get into these dudes!

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