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No wonder I woke up with a headache today. My alto ego in the 11th dimension must’ve been hungover…Well, I am gonna get him back!

This Red Rain is Alive! And it’s not Alive! Huh? Oh and we are Aliens!

What do you get when you mix a mini kangaroo and a mouse with big ears? You get this little fella.

Watch these 3 videos if you want to get a perspective on how large the universe really is. Then throw a rock at your neighbors car and see if that makes any sense. When I was 10 I threw a water balloon on a Corvette parked in a driveway about 8 blocks away from my house. As soon as the balloon hit the windshield the man came out of the house screaming. I have no idea how he reacted so quickly, it was as if he was just standing by the screen door admiring his car when it happened. Standing near the end of the driveway I did the fastest 180 in my life and tripped over a rock, falling and cutting my knee open (still have the scar btw). It was a catastrophic failure on my part. But believe it or not, I actually was able to get home without being caught. By relying on my many previously planned escaped routes that included alleyways and some fence hopping I was playing Double Dragon and drinking orange soda within 20 minutes.  The adrenalin really made the pain disappear until I got home, but the fence hopping was more like fence falling along the way there.  The Moral?….Always wear kneepads when throwing stuff at things that could break and also cause injury to yourself by way of other persons or objects especially in the knee area.

Ok here is another size comparison that has 3D spinning models and other “Special Effects”.

And one more from Cosmic Journeys…You might actually learn something from this one, so grab your pencil.

I wouldn’t want to see this guy eat at the Chinese Buffet, for multiple reasons.

These here dogs run the streets in these parts, so I reckon you best stay away if you know what’s good for ya’ll.

Some got it and some don’t. E for Effort and F for Funny.

Rapping Weatherman’s Hip Hop Forecast – Watch more Funny Videos

One of my Favorite Songs from the Love Below, and a really cool music video to slam it home.

How about I trade you a punch in the face!

Holy Tamales! Even the music is cool!

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